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The map shows the area exposed to flooding by barangay to low susceptibility, as shown in the table there are several barangay exposed with a total area of 0.103 hectares or 1030.000 square meters.

This map is not authoritative, not verified, and to be used for indicative purposes only.

Barangay Area Area Exposed to Low Susceptibility
Hectares Hectares Percentage
Biking 489.508

Bingag 637.543 37.802 5.929%
Catarman 380.868

Dao 619.836

Mariveles 259.407

Mayacabac 245.550

Poblacion 88.749 0.099 0.111%
San Isidro 409.841

Songculan 425.780

Tabalong 319.378 4.780 1.497%
Tinago 376.656

Totolan 201.105

Total 4454.220 42.680 7.54%

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