Citizen’s Charter

The Citizen’s Charter is required by Republic act No. 9485, also known as the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) along with putting up of a Public Assistance and Complaints Desk, the implementation of the “No Noon Break” policy and the Anti-Fixer Campaign, and the provision of special lanes for the elderly, pregnant women, and differently abled persons. The purpose of this law is to cut red tape in all government frontline agencies.

ARTA requires that the Citizen’s Charter shall be displayed prominently in government services offices so that clients will be guided accordingly to proper standards of service delivery. The ARTA also requires that the agency’s Citizen’s Charter shall be published, detailing frontline services of the agency, including step-by-step procedures showing the requirements, time, and fees involved for clients to get what they need.

Thus the purpose of this publication. For more information about the Citizen’s Charter, you may visit the Civil Service Commission website and download a PDF document on the Citizen’s Charter by following THIS LINK.