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The Road Surface Type Map shows the classification of provincial roads by type, (concrete, asphalt and gravel). Used for identifying provincial road sections which need improvement, specifically gravel roads. The features included in this map were digitized from the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) Topographic Map sheets scaled at 1:380,000, specifically the municipal boundaries, using heads-up digitizing method. Also includes the Global Positioning System (GPS) file of the provincial and national roads surveyed by Provincial Engineering Office (PEO) employees. Updated yearly. Available in PDF and JPG formats at the PEO.

Contact Engr. Richard Bompat Jr.
IT Section Head, PEO
New Capitol, Tagbilaran City, Bohol 6300
Telephone (+38) 411-2092, 411-2093 or 235-3925

2 thoughts on “Road Surface Type Map”

  1. Hi sir Willy,

    May I please request for the shape file of this map? This would be very helpful in my research. Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle,

      We’re sorry we can’t provide you the shapefiles on those data. We were only provided with the JPG map by the Provincial Engineer’s Office. Also, there is actually a contact information on the custodian of the data indicated on the web page.


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