EAR – Rehab Mahayag-Katipunan Road (Alicia Side), Alicia, Bohol

The Environmental Assessment Report, prepared by the Environmental Management for Infrastructure and Roads (EMIR) Team, outlines the environmental assessment for the rehabilitation of the 5.725 km earth road located in Barangays Katipunan, Mahayag, San Isidro and Babag in the Municipalities of Alicia, San Miguel,  Pilar and Dagohoy, respectively. Contains baseline  information of the existing condition at the general location of the project prior to implementation,  evaluation of the project issues with respect to potential impact and the environmental management plan to guide in the implementation of recommended impact mitigation and monitoring measures by responsible persons or agency to assure satisfactory compliance.  Also includes Impacts Management Plan, Social Development Plan, and the Information, Education and Communication Plan of the road project. Available in PDF and can be downloaded from the link below.

Project Environmental Assessment Report (EAR) for the Rehabilitation of Jct. (LIR) Mahayag-Katipunan Road (Alicia side), Alicia, Bohol

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