Justice and Safety

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  1. How come the Socio Economic Profile is empty? My wife and I are very interested about Bohol because we are planning to retire in Bohol. We are in our initial stage of research and we are hoping this website will be of assistance. Your response will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Oswald,
      Sorry for the late reply. We have been trying to put up a site map plugin to our website so you will have an alternative means of navigation but it seems our web hosting does not permit the automatic site map generation. The Socio-Economic Profile is not empty, however, your monitor might not be large enough to be able to display all the drop down menus. We think you only reached a parent page, which is empty. As an alternative means in finding information on our website, you may try to use the Search function. Just type in keywords of the information you want in the Search box and press enter. We hope this helps.


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