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The Bohol Program Framework for Poverty Reduction (BPFPR)

The BPFPR, a framework created by the Provincial Government of Bohol to respond to the alarming poverty situation from a few years ago, continues to guide all of its programs and projects. The above illustration shows how these programs and projects work together to achieve the ultimate goal of poverty reduction.

The BPFPR provides both strategic direction and tactical maneuvers for the crucial war against poverty in Bohol. This is to ensure a well-coordinated and effective all-out attack against poverty, and to concentrate available expertise and resources, combined with the latent creativity and inventiveness of local communities. It provides guidelines in creating poverty-responsive policies, plans, programs and projects. The Local Government Poverty Database and Monitoring System (LGPDMS) has been developed by the Provincial Government under this framework, in cooperation with a local NGO, the Bohol Local Development Foundation (BLDF).

The BPFPR adopts a two-fold strategy: to assist as many people as possible through projects and development interventions; and to stimulate economic growth in order to make poverty reduction sustainable.

For more information, click HERE to download a presentation on the Bohol Poverty Reduction Performance in relation to the Millennium Development Goals: Using LPRAP/PDMS as a Vital Link.

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