This section and its sub-pages contains shapefiles that can be shared by PPDO-Bohol

  • Base Map – contains Boundaries, Coastline, Contours, Municipal Malls, Reef, Rivers & Creeks, and Roads
  • Hazards – contains Earthquake-Induced Landslide, Ground Rupture, Liquefaction, Rain-Induced Landslide, Storm Surge, and Tsunami Hazards
  • Thematics – Lithology, NPAAAD, Slope, and Soil Classifications

6 thoughts on “Shapefiles”

  1. Good afternoon sir/ma’am Im the architecture student who visited the capitol last week and asked about the zoning map of bohol but preferred to visit a target municipality instead and chose loon for my thesis about socialized housing. Unfortunately, the municipality doesnt have a zoning map as well do you have any similar map that i could use for my thesis that is related to zoning map of loon or even the entire bohol? Thank you so much for your response.

    • Hi Rebbie,

      For the municipal level, perhaps what you need is the Land Use Map and the Zoning Map contained in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), which you may find at the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator’s (MPDC) Office. We do have a hard copy of Loon’s current CLUP but unfortunately, we can’t seem to find the Land Use Maps in our copy.

      For the provincial level, the equivalent to a municipal CLUP would be the Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP). It is composed of 4 volumes in which volume 3 contains maps which you might need, as well as the narratives, figures and tables in the other volumes.

      We hope you find these information useful for your endeavor and for the betterment of the Province of Bohol and its people.

  2. Good evening sir! Thank you for your response and I have talked to my adviser about it. I have visited the MPDC of Loon and has checked their CLUP but unfortunately they still dont have a zoning map in their municipality. And because of my thesis, my adviser asked me if you could provide me a letter stating that Bohol doesnt have any zoning map yet so I could add it in my book and be proven to my jurors in my deliberation. Thank you so much sir! More power and God bless

    • Hi Rebbie,

      As we pointed out in our previous reply, for a provincial level, the equivalent document for a municipal CLUP is the PDPFP. For an equivalent to the Municipal Land Use Map please refer to the maps in the Development Maps section. These maps are part of the PDPFP. For certification about municipal concerns, the Provincial Government of Bohol has no jurisdiction on how the municipality intends to allocate the use of their lands. So you may have to secure that from the municipality concerned.

  3. Good day, Sir!

    I am Rosmarie Gohetia a local resident of barangay Manga. I am very pleased to find your website and see your hard works and dedication. As an Environmental Science student of BISU I am currently conducting a research. My study environment will be the barangay of Manga, unfortunately I found out that there is hardly any information about it on the internet.

    I am certain that you have information about our barangay hence I am reaching you out because I am hopeful that you will help me. Anything about the barangay Manga governance, specially the coastal areas evaluation, information about our mangroves (data or pictures from ages of monitoring), will be very helpful to me. Most importantly I badly need the Bohol Mangrove forests shapefiles.
    In this way I can assure the credibility of my study and I will hopefully be able to publish a blog about our barangay. My email is always open for your response.

    I am looking forward for your support.

    Thank you.

    Rosmarie Gohetia

    • Hi Rosemarie, the PPDO doesn’t have proper data down to the barangay level. You may refer your query to the City Planning and Development Office. They have their GIS Specialist who may be able to help with your concern.


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