Development Directions & Policies

In pursuance with the vision, mission and goals of the province, the Provincial government of Bohol will push programs and projects that will address the National government’s thrust through the following:

  • Continue to support programs on the conservation and preservation of the environment
  • Continue to draw investments to Bohol through the operators and programs initiated by the Provincial Government specifically in the areas of eco-tourism and agro-industry
  • Continue to support programs on the development of culture and the arts
  • Continue to support programs on poverty reduction through livelihood assistance and employment generation initiatives
  • Continue to provide education scholarships to poor but deserving young Boholanos through continued fund support for the Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Scholarship Program as well as for the Special Program for the                    Employment of Students (SPES)
  • Continue to improve the delivery of basic social services through the provision of better facilities especially for Provincial Government-owned Hospitals and support/promotion of barangay health programs including the MEDICARE Para sa Masa Program
  • Continue to invest in improving the human resource of the Province through more capability building activities not only to public service in   the Provincial Government but also in the private sector to develop                             entrepreneurial capability
  • Continue to improve the peace and order situation of the province through a collaboration scheme with civil society by way of frequent consultations and dialogue.
  • Initiate programs and projects that build strong alliances among LGUs, NGOs and Pos, as well as specific target groups in common efforts to  achieve poverty reduction
  • Strengthen the poverty reduction focus of existing and pipeline sectoral programs and projects
  • Continue to support youth and sports development in the province

10- Point Development Agenda

“10 in 2010”

Bohol’s Engines for Growth & Development    

  1. Agriculture                                                       
  • Food sufficiency at the household level thru higher productivity
  • High value –adding for agriculture product with export potential (coconut and palm oil products, carageenan, organic banana, etc.), high employment/job generation, environment-friendly production, develop high-value organically grown agricultural products for the tourism industry and high-end market,  and enhance technology support for agricultural livelihood
  1. Tourism
  • Increase tourist arrivals by accessing new markets (China, South Korea, Retirees, and Special Interest Groups)
  • Project Bohol as a family-oriented eco-tourism  destination to increase domestic tourist arrivals
  • Collaborate with LGUs and communities in developing and promoting eco-tourism sites


  •    By 2010, another 9,300 jobs will be created bringing the total of 17,200 persons employed by the eco-tourism industry
  •    Income from eco-tourism to grow to P4.4 billion  by 2010
  •    Provide basic amenities in existing tourist sites consistent with international standards
  •    Promote Boholano cuisine, arts and crafts to spread economic benefits of tourismto our communities
  •    Start planning and development of Anda Penninsula to geographically distribute tourist and avoid overcrowding in Panglao Island
  1. Infrastructure
  •    Strategic Infrastructure

* Complete the Bohol International Airport

* Implement the Bohol Circumferential Road ProJect Phase 3

* Source funds for the F\S and detailed engineering for water supply projects identified under the AusAID-fuded Bohol Water Supply Master Plan

* Develop critical environment infrastructure, e.g.,  sanitary landfills, waste water treatment plant

* Source funds for the Feasibility Study of the bohol-Cebu Mullti-access Bridge (traffic, power, water)

* Source funds for the FS of the Bohol Power Generation and Bohol Irrigation Project, Phase

  •    Basic Infrastructure

* Complete the Bohol Irrigation Project, Phase 2

* Source funds for the F\S and detailed Engineering  of the Bohol Irrigation Project, Phase 3

* Complete concrete paving of Loay Interior Road to Alicia, and Sierra Bullones-Jagna Road

* Complete concreting of provincial roads that link poblacions to the national highway, especially  inter-town roads and those leading to major tourism destinations

4. Managing Population Growth

  • Reduce population growth rate allow municipality family planning options consistent with religious convictions

     5.  Improving Well-Being

  • Upgrading of hospital services
  • Increase coverage of PhilHealth with particular focus on indigents as identified in the poverty database
  • Develop poverty-focused programs
  • That shall address the morality, malnutrition, reduction of chronic diseases
  • Provide adequate housing
  • Support medical missions
  • Develop programs that will improve environmental sanitation
  • Support animal control programs to eliminate the incidence of rabies

6. Attaining Environmental Sustainability

  • Review the Bohol Environmental Code
  • Develop physical framework and spatial plans to serve as guide s for long-term development
  • Review CLUPs of Municipalities to ensure dev’t guidelines & lands use controls are enforced to protect the environment
  • Support current initiatives in coastal and natural resource management, including biodiversity conservation
  • Rehabilitate open and denuded areas within watersheds and forest reserves
  • Support initiatives in climate change, resiliency and environmental mgt under Agenda 21

7. Expanding Economic Opportunities

  • Convert Tagbilaran Airport (once Panglao Airport is operational) to Special eco-Zone/Business Park
  • Strengthen our ties with Jiangxi Province in China to attract tourist and investments
  • Develop economic zones in Northeastern Bohol
  • Develop a broadband highway to ensure our connectivity to the rest of the world
  • Support results-oriented trade missions

8. Fostering Creativity

  • Strengthen our efforts in developing the Boholano culture and heritage
  • Support initiatives that project the creativity and talent of the Boholano

9. Peace and Stability in Community

  • Strengthen peace initiatives by building capacity of barangays to address problems
  • Address the root cause of insurgency, esp. poverty and improvedelivery of basic services, esp. to the poor
  • Drastically reduce incidence of crime

10. Better Governance

  • Emphasize performance and results, instead of activities and outputs
  • Install and maintain computerized systems to improve LGU operations (e-NGAS, FMIS, RPTIS, HRIS, GIS)
  • Expand revenue base to fund development programs /initiatives
  • Adopt value-for-Money Principles, transparency and accountability in the use of public funds
  • Enhance service to clients and ensure positive satisfaction rating in Bohol Poll
  • Re-engineer the LGU organizational structure to enable a higher percentage of budgetary allocation for development initiatives over administrative expenditures



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