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    • Hello Florabel,
      We don’t have an updated MSEP yet. However, we recently compiled a “Facts & Figures” information about each municipality. But this also requires updating to capture the newly released 2010 Census. Anyway, we uploaded the current Facts and Figures in case it would be useful. You may download the document from the link below.

      Municipal Facts and Figures

  1. Thank you Sir Willy for the link. The data will be helpful in our sponsorship feasibility. By the way what is the covered year of the MSEP that the PPDO have?

    Additional inquiry sir, do we have available listing of institutions, organizations, NGos or funding agency that is existing in our province that caters the well-being of children like (orphanage, education-scholarship, health-feeding, medical. etc)? If we don’t have where can i possibly get that sir? many thanks..

    Thank you and God bless!

    • Hi Florabel,

      Our copies of the MSEPs are dated back in 2000. We are trying to update the MSEPs but the municipalities are very slow in submitting data. About the list of organizations, I think we have some of them, especially NGOs but the different Sector Heads concerned in the office are in different seminars and out of town meetings as of the moment. We’ll try to collate these data when the custodians are available. We’ll be in touch with you later. By the way, may we ask your affiliated institution or organization?

    • Hi Florabel,

      Below is a list of NGOs and POs accredited with the Provincial Government of Bohol as of December 2011. The municipalities also accredit organizations for their purpose, so you may have to refer with the municipalities your organization intend to assist.

      1. Holy Name University – Center for Local Governance
      2. Bohol Local Development Foundation, Inc.
      3. FCB Foundation, Inc.
      4. PROCESS-Bohol, Inc.
      5. People’s Fair Trade Assistance Center, Inc.
      6. Community Awareness and Services for Ecological Concern, Inc. (CASSEC)
      7. Association of Writers and Radio Announcers Foundation, Inc. (AWRAFI)
      8. Project Seahorse Foundation for Marine Conservation, Inc.
      9. Bohol Concerned Citizens Action for Progress, Inc. (BCCAP)
      10. Bohol Island Tour Guides Association of the Philippines (BITGAP)
      11. Word Vision Development Foundation, Inc. (WVDF)
      12. Bol-anon Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TACECCO)
      13. Bohol Integrated Development Foundation, Inc. (BIDEF)
      14. Baclayon United Lady Achievers Club (BULAC)
      15. University of Bohol Community Development Foundation, Inc. (UBCDFI)
      16. League of Entrepreneurs and Advocates for Development, Bohol, Inc. (LEAD, Bohol, Inc.)
      17. Buhing Inambitay ug Tinabangay Foundation, Inc. (BITF)
      18. Bohol Community Assistance Program, Inc. (BOCAP)
      19. Bohol Alliance of Non-Government Organizations, Inc. (BANGON)
      20. Environment Legal Assistance Center, Inc. (ELAC)
      21. Bohol Provincial Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BOPE-MPC)
      22. Chocolate Hills Amateur Radio League, Inc. (CHARL)
      23. Consumer Watch-Bohol, Inc.
      24. Women’s Development Center, Inc.
      25. Bohol Literary Arts and Culture Circle (BLACC)
      26. Carmen Public School Teachers & Employees Credit Cooperative
      27. Bohol Goodwill Volunteers, Inc.
      28. Bohol Information and Communication technology Council (BICTC)
      29. United Families for Transformational Development, Inc.
      30. Visayas Primary Health Care Services, Inc.
      31. National Auxiliary Chaplaincy Philippines, Inc.
      32. Bohol Association of Farmers and Fisher Folks (BAFF)
      33. Padayon Bohol Marine Triangle Management Council, Inc.
      34. Bohol Association of women in Government Service Multi-Purpose Cooperative
      35. Bohol Island Operators and Drivers Multi-Purpose Cooperative

  2. Thank you for this prompt reply, I am connected with World Vision Development Foundation, Inc.. I just recently coordinated PPDO and governors office to conduct data gathering for the assessment process for our possible new expansion area.

    Thank you!


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