M&E Report 2022

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This Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Report contains the status of accomplishment of programs, projects, and activities (PPAs), including those funded under the 20% Development Fund (DF), implemented by the Provincial Government offices and units from January 1 to December 31, 2022, as monitored by the Provincial Project Monitoring Committee of the Province of Bohol (PPMC-Bohol). Also presented are the brief overview of Monitoring and Evaluation processes, Provincial Monitoring and Evaluation System (ProMES) of the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh), objectives, composition, organizational structure, functions and responsibilities of the Provincial Project Monitoring Committee (PPMC), monitoring procedures, and reporting guidelines and processes. This report highlight the status of implementation of PPAs by each department or offices funded under the General Fund of the PGBh in FY 2022. Included is a section listing recommendations for project implementation enhancement, fund utilization and processes improvement for their speedy implementation.

Under the PGBh Governance Roadmap, PGBh departments or offices are grouped based on the nine (9) Strategic Change Agenda, on which this annual M&E report is patterned. Because each PGBh department or office respectively implements its Programs and Projects (PAPs), there is a need to monitor and evaluate them, wherein the report output will serve as guide for decision-makers to consider for their impact to the attainment of their objectives and the overall performance of the PGBh. Relative to this, the institutionalization of the M&E system was enhanced to emphasize accountability and transparency in local governance. It provides decision-makers concepts on project design and management and fine-tune their implementation procedures.

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