Major Breakthroughs/Local Initiatives

Among the major initiatives of the Provincial Government of Bohol are the following:

  • Adoption of appropriate legislations in response to the development thrusts of the Province.
  • Bohol Environment Code
  • Bohol Investment Code
  • Bohol Arts & Culture Heritage Code
  • Bohol Children’s Code
  • Certification of Bohol Provincial LGU as an ISO 14001(for Environmental Management System), the first provincial LGU to earn that distinction in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.
  • Formulation of the Bohol Poverty Reduction Program Framework Plan: 2002-2012 to ensure a cohesive response to the poverty situation in the province.
  • Formulation of the Bohol Tourism Master Plan & Pre-FS on the Tourism Clusters of the Province (Draft Final Report)
  • Formulation of the Bohol Agricultural Master Plan: CY 2006-2026
  • Crafting of the Bohol Integrated Water Supply System Master Plan (Draft Report)
  • Implementation of major support infrastructures, namely:

Bohol Circumferential Road

The implementation of the 260.70 kilometer Bohol Circumferential Road is very important for the provincial economy, cutting travel time by more than 50 percent. Started on the second quarter of 1997, Phase I was completed sometime in 2001 with the Phase II of the Project programmed to be completed in two to three year’s in time.

Leyte-Bohol Power Interconnection Project

A project costing over U$$15.0 million by the Japanese Government through JBIC , the project provides geothermal power from Leyte Province to Bohol, which presently is providing 18 megawatts of electricity to the province. Phase II of the project is currently being implemented.

           Bohol Irrigation (BIP)

Also funded by the Japanese Government, the BIP is the irrigation component of the BIAD Project irrigating a total of 10,260 hectares of rice lands in the northeastern part of the province. Phase I was completed in 1997 while Phase II is on-going.

           Panglao Island Tourism Estate Project (PITE)

            PITE Project is one of the pilot tourism to be established in the Philippines as embodied in the Philippine Tourism Master Plan. It is one of the major projects pursued by the Provincial Government of Bohol. The Projects covers a total area of 2,000 hectares that includes the construction of resort hotels and cluster-type residential villas, and a retirement village, among others in Panglao Island. Also a component of the project is the construction of an airport of international standards.

  • Establishments of Special Units/Offices in the Provincial Government Organization

To support its development vision, the Provincial Government created the following offices:

  • Bohol Environment & Management Office (BEMO)
  • Bohol Investment Promotion Center (BIPC)
  • Center for Culture & Arts Development (CCAD)
  • Bohol Poverty Reduction & Management Office (BPRMO)
  • Bohol Employment & Placement Office (BEPO)
  • Bohol Tourism Office (BTO)


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