Overall Development Framework

To address development challenges and constraints, thus improving performance in key areas of concerns to subsequently improve the quality of life of its people, Bohol’s development is anchored on the following:


“Bohol as a prime eco-cultural tourism destination and a strong agro-industrial province in the Visayas with an empowered and self-reliant people who are God-loving, law-abiding, proud of their cultural heritage and committed to the growth and protection of the environment.”


To continuously transform its social, economic, political and cultural life through effective collaboration of people from various sectors of the province to achieve and sustain its vision.

Development Goals

  • To establish the importance and contribution of Bohol to the nation’s socio-cultural and political growth and economic competitive edge
  • To establish sustainable eco-cultural tourism and agro-industrial sites in the province to encourage investments and employment opportunities
  • To ensure sustainable growth in revenues from major industries that adhere to a sustainable framework for developing, utilizing and managing the environment and natural resources of the province
  • To enrich and continuously develop the dynamic and creative Boholano culture in all municipalities and in the capital city
  • To develop a well-informed citizenry in healthy communities, aware and proud of its competencies that enable them to be much more productive, enterprising and participative in attaining the vision and goals of Bohol
  • To build close collaboration and partnership among LGUs, local communities and specific socially and economically disadvantaged groups in the planning, implementation and monitoring of programs and projects with poverty reduction focus

Development Strategy

Bohol’s development strategy is to establish the province as an eco-cultural tourist destination with a strong agro-industrial base. This will be carried out through:

  • An effective government-private sector collaboration
  • An LGU organization with maximum efficiency and effectiveness in:
  • >> Utilizing, developing and managing resources of the province/municipalities

    >> Managing environmental and natural resources for the sustainable development

    >> Delivering quality services

    >> Catalyzing opportunities and creating venues for investments and production

    >> Providing for minimum basic needs

    Bohol’s development puts primary consideration on developing Bohol into a prime eco-cultural tourism destination of the country as embodied in its Medium-term Development Plan. To support this, the Provincial Government made significant innovations among which is the creation of several offices, i.e., the Bohol Investment & Promotion Center, the Bohol Tourism Office, the Bohol Environment Management Office, Bohol Employment & Placement Office and the Center for Culture and Arts Development,

    Bohol is ushering in an area of cultural development in tandem with its promotion on tourism. The Provincial Government embarked on a cultural heritage preservation and development program sometime in 1997 which was ably supported by the National Government, the religious sector and civil society. The program has set the national pace in heritage conservation and has garnered several national awards such as the Galing Pook Award.



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