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Provincial Development Council (PDC)

Legal Basis:


Title VI

“… shall assist the corresponding sanggunian in setting the direction of economic and social development, and coordinating development efforts within its territorial jurisdiction” (RA 7160, Section 106)

“… shall create an executive committee to represent it and act in its behalf when it (the PDC) is not in session” (RA 7160, Section 111)

PDC Structure (click to enlarge)
PDC Structure
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Powers and Functions

  • Full Council

    • Formulate long-term, medium term, and annual socio-economic development plans and policies;
    • Formulate the medium-term and annual public investment programs;
    • Appraise and prioritize socio-economic development programs and projects;
    • Formulate local investment incentives to promote the inflow and direction of private investment capital;
    • Coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of development programs and projects; and
    • Perform such other functions as may be provided by law or component authority.
  • PDC Executive Committee cum Poverty Reduction Committee

    • Ensure that the decision of the Council are faithfully carried out and implemented;
    • Act on matters requiring immediate attention or action by the Council;
    • Formulate policies, plans, and programs based on the general principles laid down by the Council
    • Function additionally as the Poverty Reduction Committee
  • Sectoral/Functional Committees

    • Perform supportive function to the PDC
    • Review and evaluate matters pertaining to their respective sectors and endorse the same to the PDC Execom or Full Council
    • Integrate sectoral plans and programs of the LGUs and coordinate all sectoral planning and programming activities of the sector
    • Review and endorse programs/projects of LGUs requiring PDC support
    • Integrate sectoral information and statistics in preparation of the Annual Development Report
    • Assist the Council in translating natural and regional development goals and policies into specific sectoral objectives
    • Facilitate and coordinate project preparation, implementation and monitoring within the sector
    • Perform other functions as may be assigned by the Council, or upon instruction of the PDC Chairperson
  • Secretariate

    • shall be responsible for providing technical support, documentation of proceedings, preparation of reports and such other assistance as may be required in the discharge of its functions


PDC Executive Committee Meeting on September 19, 2013
PDC Executive Committee Meeting on September 19, 2013
  • Full Council

    • at lease once every six (6) months or as often as may be necessary
  • Executive Committee

    • once a month or as often as may be necessary
  • Sectoral Committees

    • at least once before every Full Council Meeting

PDC Manual of Operations

PDC Manual of Operations
PDC Manual of Operations
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A PDC Operation Manual was formulated to serve as a guide in the proper conduct of activities of the Provincial Development Council. Specifically, this manual is prepared for the following purposes:

  1. To provide comprehensive information on the Provincial Development Council, its organizational structure, composition and functions;
  2. To provide guidelines on requests for PDC actions on policy issues, programs, projects and other matters; and
  3. To define the role, functions and powers of the various committees and instrumentalities under RA 7160.


  • Full Council

The Provincial Development Council is headed by the Governor and composed of the following members:

  1. All mayors of component city/municipalities;
  2. The Chairperson of the Committee on Appropriations of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan;
  3. The congressman or his representative of Bohol’s 3 congressional districts; and
  4. Representatives of non-governmental organizations operating in the province, who shall constitute not less than one-fourth (¼) of the members of the fully organized council.

The PDC may call upon any local official concerned or any official of national agencies or offices in the local government unit to assist in the formulation of development plans and public investment programs.

  • Executive Committee

The executive committee of the PDC is composed of

  1. Governor as chairman
  2. President of the League of the Municipalities, Bohol Chapter
  3. SP Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations
  4. President of the Liga ng mga Barangay
  5. Congressmen of Bohol’s 3 congressional districts
  6. Representatives of NGOs that are represented in the Council
  • Sectoral Committees

The sectors comprising the Sectoral Committees are as follows

  1. Environment Management Committee
  2. Social Development Committee
  3. Economic Development Committee
  4. Development Administration Committee
  5. Infrastructure & Utilities Development Committee

Section 112 of RA 7160 provides the legal basis of the local development council to form sectoral or functional committees to handle social, economic, infrastructure, environment and development administration concerns whose composition shall be determined by the council, subject to the following general guidelines:

  1. PDC members shall be given the prerogative to choose the committees of which they want to become members. membership in a Sectoral Committee by a PDC Member is optional
  2. The PDC Secretariat shall allocate the committee membership based on the preference of the members. In case of overlap, the Secretariat shall negotiate with the members concerned or in certain cases, they shall resort to drawing by lots.
  3. The Sectoral Committee may invite additional members from the government sectors (line agencies) and the private sector. Additional members who are not regular members identified for the Sectoral Committee shall be non-voting members.

PPDO technical staff shall be assigned to each sector and shall serve as technical secretariat/coordinator of the sectoral committee.

The composition of the Sectoral Committees shall be confirmed by the Full Council.


  • Provincial Planning & Policy Formulation
  • Provincial Investment Programming & Budgeting
  • Project Development
  • Project Monitoring
  • Knowledge Management


Provincial Development Council
Bohol Province


c/o Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO)
2nd floor, Provincial Capitol
Tagbilaran City

Telephone No.:

+63 (38) 411-0138

Telefax Nos.:

+63 (38) 411-4406
+63 (38) 501-9970





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