Provincial Development & Physical Framework Plan

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The Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP) is formulated at the provincial level and merges the traditionally separate provincial physical framework plan and provincial development plan to address the disconnect between spatial and sectoral factors and between medium and long-term concerns. It contains the long-term vision of the province, and identifies development goals, strategies, objectives/targets and corresponding PPAs which serve as primary inputs to provincial investment programming and subsequent budgeting and plan implementation. (JMC No. 1 s. 2007)

You may download the current document from the link below.

Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP) 2010-2015

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    • Hello, thanks for your inquiry. The whole PDPFP document may be downloaded from the left panel of our website under “DOCUMENTS TO DOWNLOAD” section. Please scroll through the list to find the Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan. The document is in 3 volumes and needs to be downloaded separately. Just click on the volume link to download. The downloaded file is a 7-zip compressed PDF file which needs to be decompressed using a 7-zip capable file archiver. If you don’t have one, you may download it from their website. 7-zip is a free open source software and is available for most major platform.

  1. I would like to commend the effort of the Province of Bohol for their efforts in informing the Public of the Plans and Programs of the Government. This will be helpful in achieving full support of the public.

  2. good morning sir do you have the land use plan of Cortes and the list or location of infrastructure specially the land marks of Cortes

    thank you and God Bless

    • Hi Ruby,

      The Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of the Municipality of Cortes is for the municipality to dispose. While PPDO-Bohol is providing assistance to the Municipality of Cortes in updating their CLUP, such document is still being worked out and as of the moment, while the updates are not yet approved, their current CLUP is still the official document.

  3. Good Day,

    Would you have any CLUP of Tagbilaran and the list or location of infrastructure or any other related information on this matter. Many Thanks

    • Hi Richard,

      We only have on file the old version of the CLUP of Tagbilaran in hard copy. They are currently updating their CLUP but no final approved updated version as yet. You might want to communicate with the City Planning and Development Office for more information regarding the matter.

      With respect to infrastructure, we don’t have such data. Perhaps you might want to communicate with the City Engineer’s Office regarding the matter.

  4. Good day Sir,

    How may I know the CLUP of Garcia – hernandez, Bohol ?

    With respect to the plant facility (PMSC) located in the area. What is the zoning category of the leased Area?

    Thank you for considering my querry.

    • Hi Ritchielyn, thank you for your query. However, the can’t answer the question regarding the CLUP of Garcia-Hernandez. You might want to refer your query to the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator or to the Municipal Zoning Officer.

  5. Hi Sir, this is from NEDA Central Office. Are you considering the establishment of Iron and Steel in Bohol for the province’s industrialization? Why and why not? Thank you.

    • Hi, the Bohol Environment Code and also the Investment Code does not allow heavy industries. Only light industries are allowed in the province.

  6. Hi Engr Willy Bueno:

    Good day to you. I am currently reviewing for the 2018 EnP Board Exams and I do find the plans and reports here in Bohol PPDO very beneficial to my studies. Keep up the good work!



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