Development Plans

Annual Investment Plan

Biodiversity Conservation and Eco-Tourism Framework Plan of Bohol 2006 – 2015

Bohol Agriculture Master Plan (BAMP) 2006-2026

Bohol Integrated Water Supply System Master Plan (BIWSSMP) 2010-2035

Executive-Legislative Agenda 2011-2013

Human Resource Management and Development Plan (HRMDP) 2011-2015

Integrated Transport Plan Framework 2013-2020

Local Road Network Development Plan (LRNDP)

Post-Great Bohol Earthquake Rehabilitation Plan

Provincial Development & Physical Framework Plan

Provincial Development Investment Program (PDIP) 2011-2015

Provincial Governance Reform Roadmap (PGRR)

Provincial Water Supply, Sewerage and Sanitation Sector Plan (PW4SP) 2004-2013

Strategic Financial Management Plan 2011-2015

Tourism Master Plan

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    • Thank you Mr. Millares for your nice information. We think it would be best you send a formal project proposal to the Governor.

  2. Hello, I would like to ask if you have this economic development plan after that devastating earthquake? I am currently taking up my MBA, and I’ve chosen Bohol as the topic of my study. Hope to hear more from you. God bless.

  3. Thank you Sir Willy Bueno. This will really help me a lot. I’m hoping for the fast recovery of your province. God bless you and all the Boholanos.

  4. hi sir, im an architecture student having a proposal of specialized medical institution for renal health, my data gathering from offices such as DOH,NKTI-redcop and articles from the net stated that the province/ region could be a good site, my question is how can i have a copy of Comprehensive land use plan and copy of the tct thanks.

  5. Hello Sir Willy Bueno,

    Firstly, I would like to thank you and your comprehensive website for providing almost all the details I needed for my academic requirements.

    I am currently pursuing my masters degree and in one of my core subjects, I was tasked to evaluate sustainable development outcomes of the Province of Bohol after the Great Bohol Earthquake in 2013. With this, I am planning to look at the different strategies the Province employed in ensuring sustainable environment after the earthquake.

    Aside from the Post-Great Bohol Earthquake Rehabilitation Plan, do you have other documents that I might be able to use on this endeavor? May I also humbly request your office a copy of your FY 2014 Annual Report and the updated PDRRM plan for my reference.

    Thank you and more power.


    • Hi Kliene,

      We just uploaded the Annual Report 2014. With regards to the PDRRM, we don’t have an update yet. Another plan, the Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP) is yet to be updated later this year. The update will highlight the inclusion on DRR-CCA resilience strategies. We hope these documents can help for your purpose. Thank you.

  6. Hello Sir Willy,

    Thank you for the immediate response. You’ve been very helpful. I hope all LGU websites are as responsive and comprehensive as yours.



    • Hi Pricille,

      We’re not sure what SWMP stands for. We assumed it’s about Solid Waste Management Plan and forwarded your query to the Bohol Environment Management Office (BEMO). You may also contact them at Ms. Myra Trinidad is in-charged on Solid Waste. We hope we’re of help for your purpose and for the betterment of the Province of Bohol. Thank you.

  7. 06 December 2016

    Hello Sir Willy,

    Good day!

    In connection with Bohol’s Provincial Development & Physical Framework Plan, since this has a macro coverage for the whole province, I would like to inquire if Bohol has the same Development & Physical Framework Plan in a micro coverage. I am looking for development plans per municipality. Kindly advise.

    Thank you.

    Truly Yours,


    • Hello Migs,

      The PDPFP is a Provincial Development Framework. If you wish to find an equivalent document for the municipalities, you might want to look at each municipality’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). Contact the respective Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators for such documents.

  8. Hello Sir Willy,

    Thank you very much for providing online access to these plans- very helpful especially to students, planning officers and development workers. I would just like to ask, sir, where can we find / how can we get a copy of the Bohol Tourism Recovery Plan (BTRP) / Tourism Recovery Roadmap?

    Thank you!

  9. Good Day Sir,

    I was wondering if your office (or any related office) has a CLUP of the proposed reclaimed area that was mapped in the Tagbilaran Environmental Profile and if we could have a copy as it will be used in out thesis proposal.

    • Hi,
      You might want to inquire with the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) regarding the Tagbilaran City Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP)


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