Development Administration Mr. Crisologo O. UsaragaPlanning Officer II
Mr. Roebert L. VarquezPlanning Officer I
The Development Administration Sector, comprising of the sub-sectors on Local Governance, Public Finance, and Public Order and Safety, continues to guide the development direction and overall administration of the Provincial Government, as well as the other development sectors. Poverty reduction remains its top priority, aimed to be achieved through the Province’s avowed visions of eco-cultural tourism and agro-industrialization. The Bohol Program Framework for Poverty Reduction (BPFPR) continues to serve as the guide by which the Provincial Government designs, implements and monitors the impact of its interventions, programs, and projects.
Environment Engr. Ronilita M. Bunado. EnP Planning Officer IV
Engr. Alexander M. Chatto
Engineer I
Ms. Rosemae V. BersanoStatistician I
Ms. Sharra B. Fuentes Researcher
Mr. Joseph Arlie T. AloSupport Staff
Ms. Feah Realyn T. MaganPPDO-PPMIU I-REAP Staff
Engr. Renato J. De la PeñaPPDO-PPMIU I-BUILD Engr.
Archt. Sarah Mae E. CajesArchitect
EconomicMs. Maria Imelda R. Borromeo, EnPPlanning Officer IV
Ms. Maria Contessa S. Butron, EnPPlanning Development Officer I
Ms. Joema May R. Mangao Data Encoder/Asst. Researcher
The economic development sector has been aggressive in promoting and generating the much needed economic activities and appropriate business environment that create opportunities for Boholanos to improve levels of living standards. In support of Bohol’s development thrusts, the national agenda and the millennium development goals in reducing poverty and hunger, the sector continues to build and strengthen local capacities, technologies, infrastructure, social capital as well as institutional mechanisms for agriculture productivity, sustainable tourism development, and progressive trade.
Social Ms. Ma. Trinidad M. CasenasProject Development Officer IV
Ms. Judith T. BualatStatistician Aide
Mr. Joseph P. Chatto Project Evaluation Officer I
InfrastructureEngr. Rodrigo L. ArochaProject Development Officer III
Mr. Benardino L. Galanida Project Development Officer I
Mr. Leo P. MontejoStatistician Aide

The sector’s role in promoting economic growth is to ensure the mobility of people and goods through improved accessibility throughout the different points in the province. It also aims to alleviate the growing traffic problems in the City of Tagbilaran.

Geographic Information SystemEngr. Wilfredo S. BuenoComputer Programmer III
Mr. Jose Reysancel P. Caresosa Draftsman I
Mr. Eric B. De Las ErasDraftsman
Ms. Analou S. BandijaEncoder
The GIS is a unit within the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) mandated accordingly to provide accurate and timely data that can be used by Bohol’s planners, decision-makers, and other concerned organizations for the benefit of all Boholanons. To maintain a high standard of integrity in all our tasks, transactions, and outputs and to become and remain one of the best provincial GIS units in the country that all Boholanons can be proud of.
The GIS Unit is also tasked to administer, maintain and develop the PPDO network of computers which includes at least 35 workstations, a domain server, a data server, and an internet gateway.
Project Development and Monitoring Unit (PDMU)Mr. Joseph P. LigasonProject Development Officer I
Engr. Angel Pearl B. CuartoPPDO I-SUPPORT M&E Officer
1. Prepare comprehensive project profiles (proposals) and concept papers for project development and assist in the preparation of feasibility studies, plans, and reports of the PPDO;
2. Monitor and evaluate internally and externally funded programs, projects, and activities in coordination with provincial and national government offices;
3. Update and maintain the Provincial Monitoring & Evaluation Information System (ProMEIS) in coordination with the M & E Officers of the provincial departments/offices and hospitals;
4. Prepare and present periodic Monitoring Reports to the Regional and Provincial Project Monitoring Committee, Road Sector Committee, and the Philippine Rural Development Project Provincial Project Management Implementing Unit (PRDP-PPMIU);
5. Update the Provincial Commodity Investment Plan Tracking System and the M & E System of the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP);
6. Provide recommendations on the results of the monitoring and evaluation activities to the Provincial Project Monitoring Committee (PPMC);
7. Provide secretariat services to the PRDP-PPMIU, PPMC and other special bodies as instructed by the PPDC;
8. Review Work and Financial Plans (WFP) of departments/offices and hospitals if aligned with the approved Annual Investment Plan for recommending approval by the PPDC;
9. Coordinate and collaborate with National/ Regional Offices in the conduct site validation, inspection, assessment and monitoring with photo/ video documentation of projects funded by 20% Devt Fund, PRDP, National Govt and Official Devt Assistance (ODA);
10. Assist the PRDP Regional Project Coordination Office in reviewing the Operation Maintenance and Audit System (OMAS) of completed infrastructure projects.
ODA/Foreign AffairsEngr. Angelus L. Sales, EnPPlanning Officer III
Ms. Mildred A. MadroneroAdministrative Aide I
Explore and research for possible access to funding/technical assistance from ODA/ International organizations/local agencies for implementation of development programs in the province ;

Facilitate and assist in forging agreements and understanding between the Provincial Government of Bohol and donor agencies for possible support for project/program implementation;
Formulate strategies to optimize the utilization and convergence of ODA-funded programs and projects;

Provide,where necessary and appropriate, direct assistance and coordination with ODA organizations and other foreign/organizations and other foreign/local donor agencies for the implementation of various programs and projects in the province;

Coordinate with the PPDO Sectoral Divisions for the implementation of various  ODA/Foreign/Special Projects in the province
BIWRMT The BIWRMT is a special team with the responsibility to develop the terms of reference, implementation strategies/ procedures, training designs, technology demonstration sites, and monitoring systems required for the successful implementation of the PW4SP and the various activities included in the Bohol Integrated Water Resource Management Project as assisted by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)-DILG Water Supply and Sanitation Water Management Office (WSSPMO).
Administrative Ms. Ma. Conrada B. FuentesCommunity Affairs Officer IV
Mr. Silvano E. RemoladorProject Development Officer I / Supply Officer Designate
Ms. Dulce P. QuijadaRecord Officer I
Ms. Dioscora T. MontonAdministrative Aide I
Ms. Prudencia B. PumatongAdministrative Aide I
Mr. Ananias M. Lorete Administrative Aide III
Mr. Feledelfo P. MahumasAdministrative Aide III
Mr. Heracleo C. PinatAdministrative Aide III
Mr. Raul P. HapayAdministrative Aide III
Mr. Teofanes T. Sinajon Admin Support Staff
Ms. Francisca C. Apad Admin Support Staff
Ms. Ivy Marie J. RemoladorAdmin Support Staff
Mr. Jun Ric B. BandijaDriver

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