Rehabilitation and Detention Services (2015)

Province of Bohol
As of December 2015

Type of Jail
(District Jail, Municipal/City Jail, PNP
LocationNo. of PersonnelNo. of CellsTotal Cell Capacity
(No. of Prisoners)
Actual No. of PrisonersOther Facilities
(Vehicles, Communications, Others)
Bohol District JailCabawan District, Tagbilaran City93284005534 Prison Vans (All Serviceable), 2 Telephone Units (1 Mobile & 1 Lineline), 5 Units Computers, 1 Internet Connection, 1 CCTV  – 8 Camera, 1 unit Generator
Tagbilaran City JailCabawan District, Tagbilaran City2313502131 Prison Van,  1 Computer, 1 Unit telephone,  1 internet connection, 1 CCTV -4 Camera, 1 unit generator with 4-light inverter
Carmen District JailPoblacion Sur, Carmen1643090None
Ubay District JailFatima, Ubay144371211 Prison Van
Talibon District JailSan Jose, Talibon14730961 Prison Van, 1 unit telephone, 1 Computer
TOTAL 160565471,073 

Source: Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, December 2015

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