Prosperity Fair BIAD Project Proposals

Project Proposals by BIAD


1.Enhancing Access of Rural Communities through Improved Farm-to-market Road Network173,160,000.00Proposed
2.Development and Management of Inter-Municipal Water Supply System of BIAD 1 Phase One (1)678,005,815.00Proposed
3.Establishment and Production of Fuelwood and Fruit trees to Enhance Economic and Ecological Activities in the Upland (Microwatershed Areas) of BIAD-I Municipalities14,764,422.00Proposed
4.Integrated Community-based Eco-Tourism Development11,900,000.00Proposed
5.Livelihood Enhancement through Improved Native Chicken Production5,050,000.00Proposed
6.Material Recovery Facility as an Enterprise: A Model in BIAD-I2,937,500.00Proposed
Municipalities under BIAD I

Alburquerque •  Antequera •  Baclayon •  Balilihan •  Corella •  Cortes •  Dauis •  Lila •  Loay •  Loboc •  Maribojoc •  Panglao •  Sevilla •  Sikatuna •  Tagbilaran City


1.Achieving Greater Efficiency for Good Governance (AGE-GoGo) Thru Establishment of Multi-Purpose and Information Center8,000,000.00Proposed
2.Tree Resources for Economic and Environmental Security (TREES)5,000,000.00Proposed
3.Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) to Municipal Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) for Effective Environmental Management7,000,000.00Proposed
4.Booming Economy – An Approach towards Integrated Water Management and EcoSan for the Waterless Barangays22,000,000.00Proposed
5.Community-based Eco-Cultural Tourism Development In Northwestern and Hinterland Zone in BIAD 2 Cluster9,000,000.00Proposed
6.Community-Managed Multi-Livestock Development Project12,500,000.00Proposed
7.Mango Production and Marketing4,000,000.00Proposed
8.Agri-Business Management Information System3,000.000.00Proposed
9.Establishment of Birthing Facility9,000,000.00Proposed
Municipalities under BIAD II

Buenavista •  Calape •  Catigbian •  Clarin •  Getafe •  Inabanga •  Loon •  San Isidro •  Tubigon


1.Integrated Socio-Economic Database Development (ISEDD) Project2,645,000.00Proposed
2.Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Project2,000,000.00Proposed
3.Community-Based Ecological Sanitation Project4,000,000.00Proposed
4.Fishery Livelihood Project1,000,000.00Proposed
5.Improvement of Barangay Health Services Project3,000,000.00Proposed
6.Mangrove Rehabilitation and Protection for Sustainable Livelihood2,000,000.00Proposed
7.Rice Production Enhancement Project for Marginal Farmers1,600,000.00Proposed
8.Education Enhancement Program: Construction of 3-Classroom School Building12,800,000.00Proposed
9.Fishports Rehabilitation and Improvement Project15,000,000.00Proposed
10.Integrated Water Supply Development Project17,500,000.00Proposed
11.Community-Based Reforestation and Management Project for Ipil Watershed45,000,000.00Proposed
12.Community-Based Reforestation and Management Project for Carood Watershed50,000,000.00Proposed
Municipalities under BIAD III

Alicia •  Bien Unido •  Mabini •  Pres. Carlos P. Garcia •  San Miguel •  Talibon •  Trinidad •  Ubay


Municipalities under BIAD IV

Anda •  Candijay •  Dimiao •  Duero •  Garcia Hernandez •  Guindulman •  Jagna •  Valencia




COST (Php)


1.Promoting Environmental Sanitation and Solid Waste Management thru the preparation of a FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR THE ESTABLISMENT OF SANITARY LANDFILL650,000.00Proposed
2.BIAD 5 Eco-Tourism Cluster Development Project  
3.Establishment of Birthing Facilities: Mobile Birthing Clinics49,962,200.00Proposed
4.Inter-Municipal Water Supply System Improvement Project10,200,000.00Proposed
5.Watershed Rehabilitation, Protection & Development Project40,000,000.00Proposed
6.Rehabilitation and Improvement of Irrigation Facilities and Acquisition of Equipment28,500,000.00Proposed
7.Inter-Municipal Road Network Improvement Project of BIAD 5404,000,000.00Proposed
8.Entrepreneurial Projects for Women of BIAD V3,120,000.00Proposed
9. 2,469,800.00Proposed
Municipalities under BIAD V

Batuan •  Bilar •  Carmen •  Dagohoy •  Danao •  Pilar •  Sagbayan •  Sierra Bullones

2 thoughts on “Prosperity Fair BIAD Project Proposals”

  1. Greetings!
    My deepest sympathy for the recent tragedy that struck the province of Bohol .Just wondering how we would be able to help you implement your Proposed Inter Municipality Water System master plan. I Think we have the technology that can address the current water supply problems suffered by some districts worst hit and damaged by the earthquake . The experts behind our Company are the ones who designed and built the first ever Bulk Water Treatment Plant in the Philippines with a capacity of 100,000 cubic meters per day. At present is it up and running without using electricity from harnessing raw water to our filtration/treatment plant , processing and distributing the finished product . A small version of it is now also up and running in Ubay, Bohol.If for any reason you will find some interests in our Water Technology which can process raw surface water without using electricity, we would only be very glad to share our knowledge and expertise. I can be contacted thru my email or my cp No. 0915 984 5060.

    • Hi,

      For our immediate needs regarding our recent tragedy, you could donate safe drinking water for the affected people.

      With regards to your project proposal, you may send/write official proposal to the Governor.


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