Bohol Agriculture Master Plan (BAMP) 2006-2026

 The Provincial Government of Bohol in partnership with the Philippines-Australia Human Resources Development Facility (PAHRDF), through the technical assistance of Orient Integrated Development Consultants, Inc. (OIDCI), crafted the Bohol Agriculture Master Plan (BAMP) 2006-2026. The master plan consists of four (4) major productive components, namely: Sustainable Integrated Agribusiness Project (SIAP); Livestock Integration for Food and Enterprise (LIFE) Project; Fishery Resources Development and Management (FRDM) Project; and Natural Resources Development and Management (NRDM) Project. The plan is in 4 Volumes: Volume I – Resource Profile, Situational Analysis, Development Scenario and Strategies; Volume II – Programs and Projects; Volume III – Annexes; and Volume IV – Executive Summary. The plan identifies a two-point strategy for achieving the goals of productivity and self-reliance through food security at the household level and agri-industrialization and serves as a blueprint to guide future direction and growth of the province agriculture sector.

Download the documents from the links below:

  1. BAMP volume I
  2. BAMP volume II
  3. BAMP volume III
  4. BAMP volume IV

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    • Hi Joseph, thanks for your interest of Bohol’s development plans.

      The links to the different volumes of the BAMP are working fine. Perhaps your browser attempts to open the PDF files instead of downloading the file. That would take a while to open, especially if you’re on a slow internet connection because these are huge files. It would be better if you RIGHT-CLICK on a link then choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” or anything to that effect, the context menu depends on your browser. This action forces your browser to download the file instead of opening it directly. Actually, downloading or opening the file takes the same amount of time because either way your browser will have to download the file first before opening. It’s just downloading provides you with information on your download progress, while opening does not and it seems like nothing is happening which will lead us to think the link is not working.

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  1. Hi Willy,

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