Administrative Division Personnel

Ms. Judith U. Sumatra
Administrative Officer V
Ms. Ma. Conrada B. Fuentes
Community Affairs Officer IV – Administrative Officer Designate

Human Resource Management Related Services

Ms. Dulce P. Quijada
Records Officer I

Assets and Records Management Services

Mr. Silvano E. Remolador
Project Development Officer I/Supply Officer Designate
Ms. Dioscora T. Monton
Administrative Aide I

Secretariat and Liaising Services

Ms. Paulina G. Balani
Administrative Aide I
Ms. Prudencia B. Pumatong
Administrative Aide I
Mr. Teofanes T. Sinajon
Admin Support Staff

Transportation Services

Mr. Heracleo C. Pinat
Administrative Aide III
Mr. Ananias M. Lorete
Administrative Aide III
Mr. Feledelfo P. Mahumas
Administrative Aide III
Mr. Raul P. Hapay

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