Official Development Assistance Unit (ODA-IR) Personnel

Engr. Hermilo B. Arcaya
Project Evaluation Officer IV – Unit Head
Ms. Aida L. Evangelista
Planning Officer II
Ms. Mildred A. Madronero
Administrative Aide I


  • Explore and research for possible access to funding/technical assistance from ODA/ International organizations/local agencies for implementation of development programs in the province ;
  • Facilitate and assist in forging agreements and understanding between the Provincial Government of Bohol and donor agencies for possible support for project/program implementation;
  • Formulate strategies to optimize the utilization and convergence of ODA-funded programs and projects;
  • Provide,where necessary and appropriate, direct assistance and coordination with ODA organizations and other foreign/organizations and other foreign/local donor agencies for the implementation of various programs and projects in the province;
  • Coordinate with the PPDO Sectoral Divisions for the implementation of various  ODA/Foreign/Special Projects in the province

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