Thematic Maps digitized by the PPDO-Bohol GIS Unit. More notes can be found in readme files accompanying each of the files below.

  • DEM – Digital Elevation Model extracted and reprojected from from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) version 3 1-arc-second downloaded from EarthExplorer website
  • Lithology – geological characteristics digitized from BSWM Geologic Map
  • NPAAAD – Network of Protected Areas for Agriculture and Agro-Industrial Development
  • Slope – slope characteristics digitized from BSWM Slope Map
  • Soil – soil classification digitized from BSWM Soil Map

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    • Hi Marianne, inasmuch as PPDO-Bohol wants to share data, certain data have restrictions from sources. You might want to request the data you needed from NAMRIA, which is the official source of such information. Thank you.


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