Geographical and Resource Endowment

Terrain  Bohol’s terrain varies from level to steeply sloping with land elevation ranging from 0-nearly 900 meters above sea level.

Natural Resources      The province is richly endowed with agricultural, fishery and mineral resources which, if properly managed and utilized, could bring significant development to Bohol. Bohol province is composed of a mainland and 81 offshore islands and islets. 18 municipalities are in the upland while the remaining 30, including Tagbilaran City are coastal with an approximate total coastline of 654 kilometers. The coast is fairly regular and smooth and minerals as well as abundant non-metallic minerals such as limestone, guano, high-grade silica and clay among others. 73% of vegetation cover of Bohol is composed of grassland, coconut and forest.

With some 32 mangrove species identified, Bohol has possibly one of the most biologically diverse mangrove ecosystem in the Philippines. The largest and most biologically diverse area in Bohol is found in Cogtong Bay covering a total area of 2,200 hectares. Banacon Island in Jetafe, Bohol is known to be the Asia with about 1,750 hectares planted started in the 1950s. Today, this area is provided with community life tours.


There are 22 major river basins and 59 minor river basins in Bohol covering about 4 thousand km2 and 73 km2. Four of the major river basins have an estimated average annual discharge ranging from 1.64 cum/s-21.57 cum/s. The bulk of surface and groundwater sources in Bohol is located within these river basins.

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