We Survive As One Bohol Program


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Other Local Government Units (LGUs) can apply their version of the We Survive as One Bohol Program in their own localities to ensure the continuance of economic activities and at the same time implement the proper precautionary protocols pertaining to COVID-19.


The LGUs all over the world are faced with the challenge to overcome not merely the social effects of COVID-19 but also its accompanying economic repercussions.

The We Survive as One Bohol Program covers the following:

  • Relief Assistance Package of food and cash vouchers and assistance to returning Boholanos;
  • Economic Stimulus Package to help jumpstart the local economy towards normalcy by assisting Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs), providing livelihood assistance to displaced workers and agriculture projects for food security;
  • Infrastructure Program intended for barangay level infra projects.

The program also aims:

  • To adopt a convergence of resources program in reviving the economy of Bohol
  • To provide economic amelioration support in the form of livelihood assistance to sectors directly and indirectly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • To encourage affected and displaced workers to work from home in ventures initiated by the Provincial Government of Bohol
  • To encourage linkage with private sector and people’s organizations in rendering livelihood and other assistance to affected Boholanos.
  • To rebuild consumer and business confidence of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and eventually resume a new normal state of economic activity.