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  1. To whom it may concern:
    Good day!
    Thank you for sharing these data.
    I am doing a GIS-based landform dynamic study in the island for my graduate degree program, and these information are very relevant to this research. However, from the ‘readme textfiles’, it is noted that the information are extracted from DENR-MGB 2008 data using REDAS software. I am wondering if there are updated versions of these shapefiles? Also, do you have an inventory of major landslide events in the province prior to and after the 2013 earthquake? Hoping to hear from you. Thank you and more power.

    Regards – Ime

    • Hi Ime, thanks for your interest in the Province of Bohol.

      The REDAS software data are obsolete and already superseded with more recent data. However, we can’t share such data due to restrictions by the sources. You might want to acquire relevant data from official sources. If you are interested in only a specific area (not the whole province), we might be able to extract that portion for your purpose. About landslide events, no, we don’t have such data.

  2. Good day!
    I am only interested on one specific area for my research study and this data are very relevant for my study, how can I get the extracted portion of the area?


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