Accredited CSOs 2019-2022

Resolution No. 2019-562
1.Participatory Research Organization of Communities and Education towards Struggle for Self-Reliance (PROCESS)
2.Bohol Integrated Development Foundation, Inc. (BIDEF)
3.Life Philippines Foundation – Bohol, Inc.
4.Bol-anon United Sectors Working for the Advance of Community Concerns (BUSWACC), Inc.
5.FCB Livelihood Foundation, Inc.
6.National Chaplains of the Philippines (NACPHIL), Inc.
7.Bohol Native Chicken Growers Association (BONACGA)
8.Bohol Tourist Multi-Purpose Cooperative
9.World Vision Development Foundation, Inc.
10.Rural Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Bohol (RMPC)
11.Loboc Youth Education Association, Inc.
12.Bohol Person with Disability Workers Association, Inc.
13.Association of Writers and Radio Announcers Foundation, Inc.
14.International Care Ministries Foundation, Inc.
15.Bol-anon Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BMPC-TACECCO)
16.Taytay Sa Kauswagan (A Microfinance NGO), Inc.
17.Bohol Nature Conservation Society, Inc. (BONACONSO)
18.Bohol Association of Natural Livestocks Growers (BANaLIG)
19.Bohol Island Tour Guides Association of the Philippines, Inc.
20.Kapunungan Sa Bol-anong Organikong Mag-uuma (KBOOM)
21.Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants, Inc. (BAHRR)
22.Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc (BCCI)
23.Bohol Airports Drivers and Operators Transport Service Cooperative
24.Bohol Paddlers Association, Inc.
25.Chocolate Hills Amateur Radio League, Inc.
26.Bohol Provincial Federated Parents Teachers Association, Inc.
27.Buhing Inambitay ug Tinabangay Foundation, Inc.
28.Association of Handicapped in Tagbilaran City, Inc. / Person with Disability – Tagbilaran City (PWDTC)
29.Bohol Northwestern College, Inc.
30.National Auxiliary Chaplaincy Philippines, Inc. (NACPHIL)
Resolution No. 2019-651
31.End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT), Philippines
32.Arms of Love Philippines, Inc.
33.Bohol Knights of Fraternal Association, Inc.
34.Bohol Island Operators and Divers Multi-Purpose Cooperative
35.Cooperative Bank of Bohol
36.Advocates for Development Management and Sustainability, Inc.
37.Bohol Sunshine Home Foundation, Inc.
38.Kahugpungan sa mga Bol-anong Guides (KABOG), Inc.
Resolution No. 2019-714
39.Women’s Development Center of Tagbilaran City, Inc.
40.Boctol Women’s Association
41.Bohol Muslim Community Peace Movement (BMC-PeM), Inc.
42.Holy Name University, Inc.
43.Bohol Federation of People with Disability, Inc.
44.Bohol Provincial Employees League
45.Soil & Water Conservation Foundation, Inc.
46.Bohol Muslim Peace and Order Council
47.Philippine Center for Civic Education and Democracy, Inc.
48.University of Bohol Community Development Foundation, Inc.
49.Bohol Organized New Guardians Association, Inc.
50.Feed the Children Philippines, Inc.
Resolution No. 2020-048
52.Carmen Samahang Nayon Multi-Purpose Cooperative
53.Tamboan Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Carmen, Bohol
54.Loon Service Providers Multi-Purpose Cooperative
55.Living Dreams Association
56.Bohol Association of Women in Government Service Multi-Purpose Cooperative
57.Macaas Fishers Association
Resolution No. 2020-541
58.Federation of Women’s Organization for Progress and Development (FWOPD), Guindulman, Bohol
59.Kinagbaan Coconut Farmers and Processors Organization (KCFPO) of Jagna, Bohol
Resolution No. 2020-602
60.Youthlead Philippines (YLP) Inc.
61.Alumar Farmers and Fishermen Association (AFFAS)
62.Clarin District Teachers and Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Resolution No. 2021-270 (Approved: March 2, 2021)
63.Mighty Christian Farmers Association (MCFA), HInlayagan Ilaya, Trinidad, Bohol
Resolution No. 2021-292 (Approved: March 9, 2021)
64.Trinidad-Talibon Integrated Farmers Association (TTIFA), San Vicente, Trinidad, Bohol
Resolution No. 2021-617 (Approved: June 29, 2021)
65.Pagsa Multipurpose Cooperative
66.Pilar Community Water and Sanitation Service Cooperative (PICOWASSCO)
Resolution No. 2021-901 (Approved: September 7, 2021)
67.Danao Agrarian Reform Cooperative (DARC)
68.Canigaan Farmers and Fisherfolks Organization