Statistical Maps

These maps were generated using statistical data. The following maps are available for download below grouped according to data sources:

National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB)

Poverty IncidencePoverty Incidence Map

National Statistics Office (NSO)

Population DistributionPopulation Distribution Map

Population ChangePopulation Change Map

Population ProjectionPopulation Projection Map

Poverty Database Monitoring System (PDMS)

Averaged Deprivation MapPercentile Averaged Deprivation
PDMS - Child MalnutritionPercentage of Malnourished Children
PDMS - Child MortalityHouseholds having Child Mortality
CrimeHouseholds Affected by Crime
Food ThresholdHouseholds Below Food Threshold
HousingHouseholds with Makeshift/Temporary Housing
Income ThresholdHouseholds below Income Threshold
Meal ThresholdHouseholds below Meal Threshold
SanitationHouseholds with Unsanitary Toilet
School DropoutsPercentage of School Dropouts
Tenure StatusHouseholds not Owning the Lot
UnemploymentPercentage of Unemployed Persons
Potable WaterHouseholds with Non-Potable/Doubtful Water

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  1. why did the per municipality basic map removed? please bring it back. It was very useful in obtaining accurate maps per municipality


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