PPDO led the Capitol Convocation Program

The Provincial Planning and Development Office hosted the Capitol Convocation Program on 12 October 2015. Atty. John Titus Vistal, Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator, delivered the PPDO 2014-2015 Accomplishment Report before the elective officials, department heads and employees of the Capitol.

Right after the accomplishment report, PPDO’s Minus One Direction boy band sang the “Story of My Life”, and was followed by the main presentation “Kalye Serye sa Eat Boholaga”. The presentation depicted the highlights of Bohol’s road to recovery – the forthcoming major programs and projects, which will set the path towards making Bohol greater than it was before, united under the battlecry, “Padayon Bol-anon, Padayon Bohol!”

The first major project presented, and one that is currently undergoing construction, is the new Bohol Airport in Panglao Island. This project is expected to contribute greatly not just to the eco-tourism industry, but to the overall economic development of the province.

Other forthcoming projects depicted during the presentation are the Roads and Bridges, Malinao Dam upgrading, Bohol Youth Home, PRDP projects, Gallares Hospital, and the New Bohol Provincial Capitol.

Governor Edgar Chatto said in his message that the Province of Bohol was awarded the Seal of Good Housekeeping. Bohol also received the Seal of Good Housekeeping and the Gawad Pamana ng Lahi award in 2011 and 2012.

Unexpectedly, Senator Sonny Angara arrived in the middle of the presentations. He said that he came to Bohol as a tourist, and not as a senator.

The Convocation Program ended with the awarding of the Gov. Edgar M. Chatto Model Employee Awards.


I. Formulation and Review of Development Plans/ Policies/ Reports

• Preparation of the 2014 Provincial Annual Report
• Preparation of 2015 Supplemental Annual Investment Program (AIP)
• Preparation of 2016 AIP
• Ongoing updating of the Bohol Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP)
• Preparation of Post-Disaster Damage Reports (for Tropical Storm Queenie, Ruby and Senyang)
• Preparation of the Provincial Commodity Investment Plan (PCIP) for Seaweeds

II. Technical Assistance/ Representation to Various Committees, Bodies and Councils

• Technical support for LFC, BEDAG, MEB, Road Sector Committee, PAMBs, PLUC, SWM, PDRRMC, PPMIU, ARDMC, LFC, HRDC, Prov’l Nutrition Council, Sub-Comm for the Welfare of Children, Gender and Development Council, PMC, NBAC-SEPP, PIEC, USAID-COMPETE Water Project TWG, Listahang Tubig, BIWRMB , ICT Council, PITD-REDCOM, MSMED Council, Provincial Tourism Council, Bohol Investment Board, BEDAG-TWG, BWSP, 4Ps PAC, PGBh CSO, PRAISE Com, PCAT VAWC, BACH Council, SPMS-PMT, RDC Committees: SDC/ IDC/ DevAD/ EDC, RDC Statistical Coordination Committee, RPRAT7, RDC Kalahi Convergence Group

III. Provision of Technical assistance to PGBh offices, LGUs, NGAs, CSOs, bodies & groups

• Assisted in local development plan formulation/updating
• Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP)
• Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) and Investment Programming
• Agriculture Plan and Tourism Plan
• Prepared project proposals, maps, and GIS-Based Services;
• Conducted Georesistivity surveys;
• Conducted trainings and orientation (GIS, mapping, project development, DRRM plan formulation)
• Prepared powerpoint presentation, technical reports and audio-video production (SOPA, Bohol Day, official visits and other activities)
• Provided assistance in the visits of Foreign Dignitaries (US Ambassador Goldberg, Ambassador of Germany, Ambassador of Spain, USAID Officials, Laos PDR)
• Preparatory talks in the conduct of Local Shelter Planning

IV. Provision of technical support services in the implementation of Official Development Assistance (ODA)/ Special PAPs

• AusAID-funded Provincial Roads Management Facility (PRMF)

• World Bank- Funded Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP)
• Implementation of the four (4) project components IPLAN, IBUILD, IREAP and ISUPPORT
• Hosted the 1st World Bank Implementation Support Mission

• USAID-funded COMPETE Project:
• Bohol Water and Sanitation Program
• Energy Development Project
• JICA-funded New Bohol Airport Construction and Sustainable Environment Protection Project (NBACSEPP)
• AusAID-funded Coordinating Road Investments for Development (CRID)
• Identification and prioritization of Strategic Road Links and other infrastructure projects
• Development of Roads Database of all Municipalities and City
• Capacity development for Local Government Units on QGIS particularly for LGU GIS operators and administrators
• NEDA-World Bank Project on DRR-CCA
• Prepared Hazard Profile and Vulnerability Risk Assessment
• ICLEI-Asian Cities Climate Change Resiliency Network (ACCCRN) Project
• Hosted the local planning on the formulation of local climate change action plan attended by 15 pilot provinces including Bohol
• Climate Change Commission Eco-Town Framework Project – Modular Training
• Eco-FISH Project
• Other Projects :
• Bohol Integrated Water Resource Management Program
• Waterless municipalities project
• RED Steer Program
• DILG’s Community Based Monitoring System
• Listahang Tubig Project
• 1st initial Assessment for Bohol’s Geo-park Project
• Local Shelter Planning with HUDCC and League of Local Planners

V. Provision of Technical Secretariat to the Provincial Development Council Full Council (PDC)/ Executive Committee (ExeCom) / Sub-Committees / Technical Working Groups (TWG) including the conduct of the Regional Development Council Meetings and other RDC-related activities

• 6 PDC Execom Meetings
• 47 PDC resolutions
• Project briefs/ profiles,
• Project proposals,
• Minutes of meeting, endorsements,
• Technical and monitoring reports’
• Attendance to RDC Sectoral Committee Meetings and Full Council Meetings
• Hosted 1 RDC Meeting in Bohol

VI. Establishment / updating of Local Databases

• Bohol Provincial Profile
• Sectoral Profile
• Poverty Profile
• Employment Profile
• Provincewide roads database consolidated
• Quarterly Provincial Economic Situationer (QPES)
• Provincial Atlas
• Coaching/Mentoring rendered to LGUs for the CBMS database
• PPDO website maintained and updated;
• 5 web contents updated to PPDO website
• Provincial Data Directory

VII. Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

• Map-generation
• Facilities and Thematic mapping
• Provincial Atlas updated
• GIS-Training for LGUs conducted
• in-house training and/or coaching

VIII. Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Programs and Projects

• Operation and Enhancement of the Provincial Monitoring and Evaluation Information System (ProMEIS)
 PROMEIS installed at BICTU
 Project coding of 2015 PPAs
 2014 Department M&E report accessible in PROMEIS
• Preparation of Monitoring Reports for submission to appropriate levels of management and government agencies

IX. Implementation of Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS)

• Assisted in the formulation of Internal Rules and Regulations of SPMS
• Reviewed and finalized OPCRs of all offices
• Convened the PMT and conducted 1 Planning Conference
• Provision of Secretariat Services to the PMT

X. Administrative Support Services

• Secretariat Support Services;
• Frontline Services,
• Office Operational Plans and Proposal prepared,
• Supply, Property and Asset Management ,
• Financial Management,
• Records, Archival, and Knowledge Management System,
• Administrative Issuances and Performance/Management of Administrative Functions,
• Human Resource Management and Development & Related Services,
• Transport Services,
• Housekeeping,
• Environmental Management System (EMS) Services,
• Procurement of equipment

2 thoughts on “PPDO led the Capitol Convocation Program”

    Head, PPDO

    Dear Atty. Vistal,

    I am Alice Briones-Mataia, a senior researcher from the Socioeconomics Division of PhilRice, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija. I have an on-going research study entitled “Rice Value Chain Analysis in the Philippines”. This study is nestled in the Food Staple Self-Sufficiency Program / R&D DA-BAR funded projects. It aims to identify priority interventions along the rice value chain, and provide specific policy directions and strategies to improve the rice industry in general, and specific segments in the rice value chain in particular small rice farmers. Results of the study will also be used in the development of the rice industry roadmap of the Department of Agriculture. The study covers the top 20 major rice producing provinces in the Philippines wherein Bohol is one.

    During my recent trip in your province, I was able to talk to Mr. Larry Pamugas of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPAg) and learned from him that your province has commisioned a study on value chain of Bohol rice industry, which was already completed years ago. A copy of the report (hard copy) is available in the OPAG. Mr. Pamugas informed me that a soft copy is available in your office.

    In view of this, we would like to request a soft copy of the report on VCA of Bohol Rice Industry, which will be helpful in our on-going study on VCA of rice industry in the Philippines.

    Thank you very much and i hope to hear from your favorable response.

    Very truly yours,
    Alice B. Mataia

    • Hi Ms. Alice,

      We asked around who might have knowledge about the VCA you referred to, but according to the people in-charge of Agriculture Sub-sector at PPDO, they did not receive such files and that they don’t even know if the document was officially turned-over to the Provincial Government of Bohol from the project proponent. They do have knowledge that a hard copy of the document exists at the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist. The PPDO has no copy of such document.

      We are reaching out to previous project’s personnel but so far we are not able to get any soft copy of the document.


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