Monitoring and Evaluation Report for ELA, PRNDP, SFMP and HRMDP presented to the PDC Executive Committee

Atty. John Titus Vistal, Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator, presented to the Provincial Development Council (PDC) Executive Committee during its February 28th meeting the highlights of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Report for the Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA), Provincial Road Network Development Plan (PRNDP), Strategic Financial Management Plan (SFMP) and the Human Resource Management and Development Plan (HRMDP). He informed that the said report was formulated through the efforts of the core team from the different provincial offices with the help of the Provincial Road Management Facility (PRMF), which is funded by the AuSAID. This is the first report formulated by the Provincial M & E Team. One of the requirements of PRMF is to present the said M & E report to the Provincial Development Council for approval.

Aside from reporting on PRNDP’s prioritized road projects for FY1, Atty. Vistal also presented the other projects of the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) and Department of Education (DepEd) Fund Counterparting. Detailed listing of the projects could be seen at the Provincial Engineer’s Office (PEO). Part of the report includes the following:
a. Facilitating factors
b. Hindering factors
c. Capacity development
d. Needs improvement
e. Realizations
f. Tables on Forecast Source of Road Maintenance Funds, Summary of Road Investments, 2011-2015, Schedules of Road to be rehabilitated, upgraded & maintained for 2011-2014, Service Delivery graduation (% share of the total maintenance fund) and Summary of Capacity Development Estimated Costs

The Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA) aims to develop strategic directions of the PGBh for the years 2011 to 2013 through the HEAT Bohol Development Agenda and LIFE HELPS strategies. Included in the presentation are the highlights of accomplishments by sector. The accomplishments were presented by sector: a) Social Development Sector; b) Infrastructure Development Sector; c) Economic Development Sector; d) Environment Development Sector; and e) Administration Development Sector.

The components of the Strategic Financial Management Plan (SFMP) are as follows: a) Accounting and Financial Reporting; b) Fully implemented activities; c) Partially implemented activities; d) Not implemented activities; e) Revenue Generation; f) Budgeting and SFMP’s overall recommendations.

Lastly, the Human Resource Management and Development Plan (HRMDP) has five (5) areas , namely: a) Organization; b) Personnel Development; c) Human Resource Systems; d) Health and Wellness Program and e) Capacity Development.

The M & E Report for ELA, PRNDP, SFMP and HRMDP was approved by the PDC Executive Committee through PDC ExeCom Resolution No. 07-2012.

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