Basic GIS Operations Training Conducted By PPDO

PPDO Basic GIS Training - 20110215-18 ParticipantsThe Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) of the Province of Bohol conducted a Basic Geographic Information System (GIS) Operations using the Manifold System 8.0 GIS software. The training was held on February 15-18, 2011 at the Juanito Cambangay Conference Room of the PPDO. The training was well participated by representatives of the invitees which includes 7 personnel from the PPDO and 12 personnel from the Municipal Local Government Units (LGUs)). The training was primarily intended to expand the GIS users base of the PPDO but was also extended to selected municipalities having received assistance from the PPDO in the preparation of their Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). This extension is intended to sustain the PPDO assistance in terms of handling the GIS data generated as part of the assistance which will be turned over to the LGUs once the assistance is completed.

Above is a photo of the participants with the trainer posing after the training. Standing from left to right are:

  • Roland Dennis G. Gubat – MPDC Staff of the Municipality of San Miguel
  • Eric De Las Eras – GIS Staff/Web Admin of the PPDO
  • Nemesio S. Alfarero – Draftsman I of the PPDO
  • Alexander M. Chatto of the PPDO
  • Alan L. Relator – Project Development Officer of the Municipality of Loon
  • Lyndon John B. Cuarteros – MPDC Staff of the Municipality of Jagna
  • Herculino M. Fuertes – MIS of the Municipality of Maribojoc
  • Rico L. Paglinawan – MPDC Staff of the Municipality of Garcia-Hernandez
  • Gerald M. Requilme – Municipal Assessor Staff of the Municipality of Alburquerque
  • Crisologo O. Usaraga – Project Evaluation Officer I of the PPDO
  • Jairus D. Fuderanan – MPDC Staff of the Municipality of Panglao
  • Ivan R. Concocn – MPDC Staff of the Municipality of Cortes

Seated from left to right are:

  • Nona C. Vacalares – MPDC Staff of the Municipality of Duero
  • Joannevit R. Avenido – MPDC Staff of the Municipality of Talibon
  • Aida L. Evangelista – Planning Officer I of the PPDO
  • Wilfredo S. Bueno – Project Development Officer I/GIS Unit Head of the PPDO
  • Melissa L. Medina – MPDC Staff of the Municipality of Calape
  • Mildred A. Madronero – Admin Aide of the PPDO
  • Rita Amor M. Narvasa – Planning Officer of the Municipality of Tubigon
  • Jose Reysancel P. Caresosa – Draftsman I of the PPDO

The training was conducted by Engr. Willy Bueno of the PPDO

The trainer intended to impart to the participants basic skills in GIS operations using the Manifold System 8.0 GIS software. The purpose is to provide the participants a starting point in the GIS field for them to develop both data and knowledge as they continue, on their own, the practice of GIS. The participants had performed Manifold project preparations, import and prepared data to be used in the project, data acquisition and transformations, linking to internal and external datasets, simple data queries, preparation of outputs, exporting outputs to common digital formats and were exposed to a few tricks in the operations.

The training was sort of a walk-through type where the trainer’s PC screen was projected to a wide screen for all the participants to see. The participants will then follow how the trainer operates the procedures until the participants will get the same outputs on their screens. The trainer believes on the “Learning by Doing” principle where the participant will most likely remember the things they have done than things they have heard or have read. The trainer also go around to the participants to assist them in a 1 on 1 instructions on how to go through the procedures. But it was just unfortunate that the trainer was not able to recruit an assistant for the 1 on 1 instruction because of budgetary constraints. However, the problem was somewhat mitigated as other participants who were able to learn fast, volunteered to extend help to other participants lagging behind.

As a means of post-training support, the participants were provided the email address of the trainer in case they need assistance when they do their own GIS implementation. In addition to the email address, an online group is also created for the participants to join in. This would be a better solution than a mere email address because all queries and answers thereof will be sent to other participants for them to be aware of problems encountered. Also, other participants can contribute solutions and their experiences as well to help other participants. When this trainer conducts another GIS trainings, those participants will also be included in this group so that new people and new knowledge can be added to the group. The more, the merrier, so to speak.

In addition to the email and the online group, this website will be pointed out as the main resource site. Tutorials and solutions will be consolidated and posted here so that the knowledge will be available not only to the group members but also to the entire GIS users of the world. And perhaps external users can post comments to the published posts and pages here and incorporate their knowledge as well. Even more, means a whole lot merrier.

A photo gallery of the training can be viewed at Picasa Web Albums.

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