PPDO Sector Heads Meeting with the NEDA Technical Staff PDPFP Review February 1, 2010

Objectives of the Meeting

To make sure that the programs and projects identified  may link with the strategies, objectives as identified in the goal  are really based on the planning environment  but not indicated  without basis to identify the programs. In the planning environment there is a clear linkage from the planning environment and issues are identified.

If there are some other comments will be sent  later since this is the first time that they have read the plan

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Preparation Of the Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan

Engr. Bunado  informed that  the offices of  DENR  and CENRO Talibon have not yet submitted their  data/reports   to the Secretariat  regarding the  CBFMA sites  as agreed during the previous meeting

Biodiversity templates were already sent to the municipalities for their survey data

Data on areas to be planted with jathropha for the whole province of Bohol  is already available and will be reflected to the PDPFP

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